Boris Toman

I am a student in the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics at the Comenius University in Bratislava. Focusing on informatics, programming. Self-proclaimed Java hater.

Project Hemplings

About the Project

I am going to program a 2D game called Project Hemplings in C# and Unity. I am new to both these languages, so it will be an interesting challenge and a big experience overall. This whole game will be created fully for the purpose of a yearly project for my school.

About the game

Project Hemplings will somewhat derive from an old video game called Lemmings. Most of the graphics will be straight from there, some i will create myself. The game itself consists of x levels, each more daunting than the previous one. In each of them you navigate the small hemplings to their goal, which is transfering hemp throughout the level thus helping the Kingdom of Hemplings's economy. You have to solve different puzzles and problems, some of which may be really difficult.

The team

I am responsible for the whole project, with some help from my mentor Michal ForiĊĦek